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5 Quick Tips To Self-Care



So, how do you fill your cup so that the world gets the best of you instead of your crummy leftovers? 🤣

5 Quick Self-Care Tips:

1. Start going to bed earlier. Sleep is your master weapon to immunity

2. Make sure you’re connecting socially instead of isolating. The studies on loneliness ain’t pretty— do you have a coffee/tea date booked with a friend next week? Get in your calendar and book it STAT.

3. Stop buying junk food for home. Start replacing sugary stuff with more nutrient-based food so you have healthy snacks to reach for. Also prep it on Sundays so the good stuff is readily available during the week.

4. Start meditating. Yes you. Yes everyone. I have a 10-minute guided meditation to calm. When you breathe deeply, you calm your sympathetic nervous system down and you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing your body more into homeostasis (balance), and you decrease anxiety. When you use diffuse Bliss Essential Stress Free blend for 30 minutes, it will also help relax you and reduce stress.

5. Start looking at your boundaries in your life and see if you’ve allowed them to erode over time. What are you hard boundaries? Respect them. Respect yourself. What are your non-negotiables?

I could go on, but let’s start with 5.

Have an amazing weekend! Fill your cup this weekend, okay? Promise me. 


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