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Bliss Essential is the collaboration between Self-Care Guru and Media Personality Erica Diamond and the pioneering chemist and leading laboratory in essential oils for almost 4 decades. These uniquely formulated aromatic rich oil blends are the highest quality, 100% pure therapeutic grade, no synthetics or fillers, 3rd-party lab tested and certified, and cruelty-free.

Not all essential oils are created equal

Let's talk essential oils for a moment. Not all oils are created equal. There is currently no regulation for essential oils, and many companies include synthetics, fillers, chemicals, and other toxins in their bottles that they don't disclose on their ingredient label. This might concern you. We're with you, it worries us too. What you put on your body and inhale through your nose should be of the utmost importance to you. When you use ANY of our premium quality essential oils, you know you are getting the safest, the cleanest, and most importantly, getting the best essential oils on the market. Period.

Now back to our story...

Throughout COVID, Erica Diamond continuously saw that in her coaching and yoga practice, people were struggling with the same 3 pain-points: lack of sleep, low energy and too much stress. So, she created the solution to all three.

"We created the most exceptional premium essential oil blends on the market that not only smell divine, but that hit the 3 high notes for living well everyday.” - Erica Diamond

If you have longed for better sleep, less stress, enough energy and focus to make it through the day, and greater immunity (our latest arrival), this new wellness Brand was created to allow you to find your bliss everyday.

Bliss Is Essential

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Bliss Essential is made from the highest quality plants sourced from around the world, 10 countries to be exact (Belize, Argentina, Morocco, Australia, Madagascar, Indonesia, France, to name a few)! These plants are sustainably harvested and grown. Bliss Essential is proudly 3rd-party laboratory tested and certified in the United States, and bottled in Quebec, Canada. 

You're probably wondering what makes us different.

Thanks for asking such a great question! A few reasons! We won’t comment on anyone else’s oils (it’s not our style to discuss other brands) but our GC/MS results (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Results) are of the highest and purest quality on the market. Each oil goes through extreme labor-intensive testing to ensure that when you get your bottle of bliss, that you have received only the highest quality, the purest, and the safest essential oils on the market. That we can assure and prove to you - it's our promise and guarantee. Our quality is honestly unmatched.

We're not as much about what the blends smell like (although they smell DIVINE), we're more about solving your specific pain-points and offering you the best therapeutic benefits to help heal them. That's why we're an ALL BLENDS COMPANY. 

Self-Care and Wellness for 2023

We thought it was time to finally put yourself back on your priority list, especially after a global pandemic. Add a few drops of Bliss Essential into your diffuser, or into your bath for a relaxing tub soak, or sprayed on your pillow before bed, or rubbed on your feet. Every drop of oil in every bottle is filled with the utmost love, care and attention. Every bottle is hand poured, and carefully labeled and sealed by hand, not by machine.

Liquid sunshine in a bottle is a gift from us to you. We think you’re worth it.


Erica Diamond



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