Natural Alternatives and Swaps To More Holistic Living

There are lots of ways to cut chemicals out of your life and switch to more holistic alternatives. Essential oils are pretty powerful.

Consider making these swaps.


essential oils for more energy instead of coffee


Consider swapping your 3 or 4pm cup of coffee for a healthy alternative- 20 minutes of GOOD VIBES in your diffuser.

You’ll thank us. 


switch toxic cleaners for essential oils like on guard from doterra or immunity army from bliss essential


Immunity Army essential oil blend is your ultimate armour and protection against colds, flues, viruses, and bacteria.

With the pandemic and flu season soon upon us, this is the perfect blend for diffusing in your home.

Immunity Army is also great to use for cleaning surfaces from germs and bacteria to protect you and your family. 

To use Immunity Army as a surface cleaner, add 30 drops of Immunity Army to 1 3/4 cups of water for an all-purpose surface cleaner. Pour into spray bottle. Safe for countertops as a non-toxic cleaner. 


swap toxic air fresheners and plugins for diffusing essential oils


“I love air fresheners and scented candles, are essential oils better?”

If you're looking to lower daily toxins in your home, Bliss Essential oils are truly a wonderful place to start.

Many air fresheners and beautifully scented candles contain many toxins that are not healthy for you and your family.

But, you don't have to give up a yummy smelling home! Diffusing Bliss Essential blends into the air create a wonderful aroma and are all 100% chemical-free!

When you know better, you do better.

What swaps will you make?

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